The Patriot's Daughter

a novel by Kamryn Green

Loaded with gripping adventure and a story of sacrificial love, The Patriot's Daughter will inspire you as Maddie Holt discovers what it truly means to fight and love like a Patriot.

Just two years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, 14 year old Maddie Holt finds herself in the middle of a brutal War for Independence, struggling to find her own purpose in the American Revolution...

   Author and singer, Kamryn Green, travels the nation investigating American legends and learning its great history. Kamryn's first novel, The Patriot's Daughter, captures the patriotic fervor of the Revolutionary War period from the vantage point of a young teenage girl. This work has and continues to captivate and inspire its readers to live and love like a Patriot. 


   It was July of 1776 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where 56 men pledged their lives, fortunes, and their sacred honor. Their actions in Independence Hall birthed freedom on paper, but a war still had to be won to make that freedom a reality in the lives of Americans. There, in the cradle of liberty, self-evident, never changing truths, met ink and paper. And out there all across the 13 colonies, those ideas would be paid for with blood, sweat and tears.

   Maddie is the resolute, 14 year old daughter of Col. John Holt. While awaiting her father's return from the battlefront, just two years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Maddie's world is upended by a mysterious messenger with a letter from the colonel. Forced to fight her own battle for heart and home, her intrigue with the charming young officer is cut short by the chilling news found within the letter. Royal Dragoons are headed to her home of River Springs, North Carolina… threatening Maddie and everyone she loves.


   Join Maddie on this gripping and captivating adventure as she learns about sacrificial love and what it truly means to live the life of a Patriot.    

The Patriot’s Daughter is an inspiring book about revolutionary war times. The adventure was entertaining and educational. Romance, history, and adventure made this young lady’s story believable and captivating. I highly recommend this book to historical fiction readers or to any reader desiring to experience the revolutionary war through the eyes of a teenage girl.

Julia Moore

At first, I purchased The Patriot’s Daughter because it was written by a Christian homeschooler (Go Homeschooling!!) and because it was a subject that I find interesting: American Revolution.  But as soon as I got into reading the book, it captured me and carried me all the way back in time to the American Revolution. I fell in love with the characters and rode the words into the story as I was reading it.  Somewhat embarrassingly, I laughed out loud, I mean really, really loud. As soon as I finished the book, I knew I would read it again.  I lasted one whole day, and then I gave in and read it for a second time.  It was that good!  I then started pestering the author to write a sequel.  Since that has not happened since May when I read the book for the first time, Patriot’s Daughter has made it into my hands again and again, curled up in my chair.  I have no doubt I will devour the next one repeatedly as soon as it is published. 

Hannah Russell​

I bought the book for my 14-year-old daughter. It was so captivating to her that it had to be put away for a few days because she was reading when she had other responsibilities. Then, I started reading it. After reading the first three chapters quickly, I had to put it out of sight so that I could return to my own duties. After it was returned to my daughter, she read every appropriate chance she could and devoured it. I also chose this book over all other reading until it was finished. We both eagerly await a sequel. She read it a second time, and the mention of the book is met with enthusiastic responses from both of us.

Elizabeth Simmons​

I enjoyed the adventure, the risky situations, and the humor. Maddie is courageous and strong; she is someone to be admired. The book is well-written and captivating. I did not want the book to end and eagerly await the next book. Soon?

Young Reader

The book was intriguing and completely captivating. The love of family and community, the sense of duty and care, and the courage throughout the book left deep impressions. I learned some new things about the British Army and the battles in that area that led to further study. The plot had some stunning surprises that made it very difficult to put down. Maddie is headstrong but driven by her love for her family. Her courage and that of the Patriots is admirable. This is a book I will read it again and readily recommend to others. I am hopeful for a sequel.

Chad Simmons

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